Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club Monster Mode?
Club Monster Mode is a free to join and use program that has been designed to help you join, setup and promote the Monster Mode 700k system.

Is Club Monster Mode part of the Monster Mode System?
No, we are an independent site, Setup by Steve Ayling who promotes the system to help others promote it and profit from it too. Basically Steve wanted something to help his referrals promote and so Club Monster Mode was born.

How do I make money with Club Monster Mode?
You make money by promoting the club and then the people that join the club and join the system will join under your referral link so you get the 100% of the sale.

Can you really earn $500 a day with Monster Mode?
Yes, but you need to put some effort in. Simply joining and not doing anything else will not make you money. Think of this as a business. You need to put some effort into it and promote it and at the start, results might be slow but as long as you put some effort in and bring a few people in then your income can really pick up. If you had 250 people on tier 5 that is 250 people sending you $20 if they buy.

How do I get paid my earnings?
The actual Monster Mode System is run through the Warrior Plus affiliate program so they deal with both taking the payments and holding your commissions until you are ready to withdraw them. We do not sell anything here, you buy and sell directly from the system and not the club.

How does Club Monster Mode make a profit?
As a free service, there is nothing inside that we personally sell, however, we also promote the Club and earn from our referrals just as you would and we show you an advert at login and maybe promote a few things via email from time to time.

I already purchased one of the products directly a while back but not from the system can I use that product in here?
Unfortunately, that happened to me too. You will need to buy it again via the system as you are technically buying the activation of that product's sales funnel into your copy of the system. Think of it as buying the activation and getting the product for free.

Can I use the system if I don't want any of the products in it?
WYes but you will still have to purchase them from the system to activate them in your copy of the system. You only earn on activated products and you are buying the activation and inclusion of them in your systems sales funnel.

Where do I add my Monster Mode affiliate link?
When you follow the step by step setup guide (Section 1) it shows you exactly where but the direct link is section 3 of the menu.

What other ways are there to make money here?
Upon logging in during your first week we will also show you a few other products. These also include your referral links if you have added them in the system so you also earn on sales of these when your referrals buy. Basically we do all the work to sell your referrals upsells with your links in too.

Can I promote my websites?
You are able to add one website of yours to promote via the Members Showcase but we are not an advertising site.

What is the Members Showcase?
The Members Showcase allows you to display your name and face along with one of the sites or something else that you promote to all members not just your referrals. It's just a way to introduce yourself and show others what you promote.

How does the Free Traffic Pool work?
The free Traffic Pool is essentially a big rotator that we promote all over the Internet. If you send over 100 hits a day to your Traffic Pool rotator (It rotates the 3 splash pages) then you get added to the main rotator for 24 hours so basically we promote your links too. You need to send 100 hits to it to qualify each day so that we are rewarding those who actively promote and not those that do not do anything.

Do I need to promote the Club to make money?
The way the system works is that you earn on 5 sales from 5 levels down (If you activate all tiers/products) so yes, you would need to start that off by advertising it to get at least one person in. It is not hard though. Even if you only managed to bring one person in, that person might bring in 5 others who bring in 5 each who then bring in 5 each etc. You can still end up with a lot of sales just from one referral. The more you bring in the better.

Where do I go for help?
If you require help about the Club you can either reach out to your upline using the Private messages section or even to admin. If you require help with the Monster Mode system itself you would need to use their contact links as we cant access their system to help with your account there.

I have a question about Club Monster Mode?
You can contact us via Private Message or by using the contact us links on the bottom of all pages inside and submitting a support ticket.

I have a question about the Monster Mode system?
You can see if your Club upline knows the answer by sending them a private message or you can direct the question to the owners and developers of the system itself using their contact links.

Who deals with all the payments?
The Monster Mode system uses Warrior Plus to handle all payments in an easy and secure way. You do not need to worry about that just withdraw your commissions from them.

Can I check the club out before committing to the system?
Of course you can, Signup and have a look around. It is free to use the Club, you just need to click the links to join the MOnster Mode System itself to profit.

I didn't get my verification email?
Click on the login page and you should find a resend verification link.

I have lost my password?
On the login page, you can find a link to request your password. For security reasons passwords are encrypted so the support team are unable to see your password or access it to let you know what it is so you will need to use the lost password link.

Can I message my referrals?
yes for free using our inbuilt Private Message system.

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