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I am not normally one to be attracted by or to promote money making style systems, but this one is very different. I was actually attracted here by the IG Money Tree product and when I found out I could get it as part of this system then I had to have a closer look.

Not only that, there are a total of 5 products that are part of this system which is basically a full online sales funnel which you can earn 100% commissions on the sales.

However, there is something very cool in the way that it is set up that means you can earn 100% commissions from people you did not even promote to.

As with all systems, right out of the box is not ideal. They can also be a little confusing sometimes. But, Club Monster Mode was created as a FREE tool to help you get the most from the Monster Mode 700k system. Keep reading to find out how we can help you get set-up and promote this very cool system.

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An Overview Of The System

As far as money making systems go, this one is a little different, this is actually more of an affiliate sales funnel system which helps you promote and sell multiple internet marketing products and especially good for site owners to promote on the back end.

The really good part comes with the one thing that really caught my eye and that was that I could promote 5 great products by only promoting one link.

Yes that is pretty much how it works but I will get into more detail below.

How It Works

So as I want to keep this report short and a simple quick overview and inside look I will not go into huge detail (Not that there is any as its pretty simple really)

You simply watching the sales video and click the continue button.

It will then take you to a page with a short intro video on how the system works and show you the first product. You can choose to buy the first product or not but it is currently at time of writing only $20. But to get the most or anything from the system, you need to buy at least the first product.

By buying the product you unlock that product in your copy of the system meaning that you earn 100% affiliate commission on it when you promote your system link and when the people you introduce buy that product.

See it is pretty simple, 5 products in there the ones you buy the ones you earn 100% affiliate commissions on when people that you share the system with buy them.

However you do not earn 100% on the second, third, fourth and fifth products from your direct referral only on tier 1 (product 1) sales, but this is where it gets very interesting.

The system is actually tiered, meaning you can really profit from it by only promoting the system to a few people yourself.

So, say you introduce someone to the system and they buy product 1. You get 100% commission on the sales of product.

If that person then introduces someone else they get the 100% commission on the first product (Tier 1) and you get the 100% commission on the second product sale (Tier 2). Well, as long as you have activated that level by buying the 2nd product yourself.

If that person that came in under your referral then also introduces someone else they get the commission on product 1, your referral gets the commission on product 2 sales and you get the commission on the product 3 sales.

So you get the picture, right?

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If you introduced 3 people to the system and everyone also coming in introduced 3 people then the number of people on each of your tiers grown fast.

You would have 3 people on tier 1, 9 people on tier 2, 27 people on tier 3, 81 people on tier 4 and a huge 243 people on tier 5.

So just by introducing 3 people who introduce 3 and that continues down 5 tiers you can have a total of 363 sales that you earn 100% commissions on.

This is the power of everyone sharing a sales funnel.

That is huge right? Well it is even more exciting. Each product is its own funnel and it has upsells too. I will be honest with you. I don’t think you will need all the upsells or many of them at all. I think in total from the 5 programs there was 4 upsells that I wanted.

But, you do earn 100% affiliate commissions on not just the front end product but on the upsells too. So those 243 sales on level 5 could be 486 sales if everyone bought an upsell. Heck some people will buy all of the upsells for some products if that is a product they really want and that depends what they are doing online.

What Is The Catch Steve?

Well I would not go as far to say it is a catch as it is just how the system has been set up and works.

In a normal sales funnel you would earn 100% commissions on all 5 products sales yourself but then for each referral you would only get 5 sales. But by passing sales from the other 4 products up it means that the number of sales you can get rewarded for is huge.

The only real thing to note is that you only get affiliate commissions on the tiers that you have activated. So to activate them you must buy the products yourself.

So if you buy just the first 2 products you would only earn affiliate commissions on sales at tier 1 and tier 2.

You basically need to activate the products that you want to include in your own copy of the system by buying them yourself.

So you are best to buy all 5 products to get the most from the system, however I know this is not always possible especially at the start.

So, you could just buy the first one for $20 and then when you have introduced a couple of people you can use the affiliate commissions earned from your tier 1 sales to purchase the tier 2 product and so on. This means that you can get started for just $20.

My inside scoop is this, although the system itself is advertised as free and technically joining the system and the use of it is, you will only really make money if you activate at least one of the products.

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Unless you have $20 to invest then it is not really something I think you should join and use.

Just being honest there, however for $20 you are getting a good useful product and the chance to cash in big so it is actually is a no brainer really.

The Income Potential

The income potential from this is huge but it is dependent on what you put in at the start.

You see there is not much point in joining if you are not going to purchase at least the first product but then from that you can earn commissions on your direct referrals purchasing the 1st product too.

That first product has upsells and some of them are really good. If you are going to use the product heavily then buying an upsell will be of use to you but if it is not a product that you intend on using then you do not need to purchase the upsells. It all depends what you do online to what products you will want to use.

But from product one sales you only need to get one referral to get your money back as its 100% commissions.

You could then use your commissions to buy the 2nd product and then you would earn commissions on that too which could then build up to a really big income.

Using my example before on the idea that you introduce just 3 people and they all introduce 3. The income potential is 363 sales (If you had bought all 5 products yourself and so did everyone else)

Now at say just $20 per sale that is a cool $7260 and that is without anyone buying any upgrades and OTO’s because each product is its own sales funnel.

No, lets be realistic, Some will not get 3 people and a lot will not buy all the products but some will also get more than 3 and some a lot more than 3. Imagine if one of your referrals got 10 referrals or even 100!

What Can Club Monster Mode Do For Me Then?

The standard sales page and sales video is full of hype, It also I think loses a lot of people because it does not really explain how well the system works but more how much money you can make. People nowadays need to know that it works well and is easy to set up.

Monster Mode is actually very easy to set up you just buy the products, activate your affiliate link and copy and paste that into the system. It takes about 10 minutes to get fully set up but if you are not paying attention you can get lost then not find your way back to where you was. So Club Monster Mode has a step by step with pictures follow along so you can scrol through as you set it up making it really easy for you to complete the set up.

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As mentioned before the systems main sales page is a little off in my view and promoting via the Club can attract people that otherwise would have skipped it by as another hyped up income opoortunity.

The sales page is not always accepted in Traffic sites becuas eof how it is set up with redirects etc. Club Monster Mode gives you pages to promote that are compatible with most traffic sites.

The banners provided from Monster Mode need to be downloaded and hosted yourself and they do not provide size banners for most popular sizes, Club Monster Mode gives you lots of fully hosted banners and images.


It is advertised as free and while using the system itself is, you can’t actually earn money on the tiers until you yourself have purchased the products under the person that introduced you.

However, if it was completely free for everyone the no one would make any money so it makes sense that it is not and you never make any money online (Well except for a very small amount) without putting some money in and with product one costing just $20 then this is a system that is accessible to everyone.

It is not something that you need to introduce hundreds of people to it. You could actually earn well from just introducing one other person.

You need not worry that you will not be able to get anyone to join, you just have to keep promoting the Club and people will naturally join.

Even if it takes a couple of weeks to get your first referral, you need to realise that you only need one for it to take off and for you to earn on each tier as long as you have that tier activated.

Although your aim should be to get as many in as you can as the more you bring in, the more your tiers will grow and take off, and the more money will come in for you.

Join us today at Club Monster Mode, we are a free service to help you promote the Monster Mode System and you can signup, check it out and if it is not something you want to be part of you can easilly delete your account. No risk.

Thanks for reading.

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